Nutrition & Hydration Tips

Whether you prefer solid bars, chewy gummies or gels, there are a TON of different choices on the market. Some of our favorites include Hammer products, GU, Bonk Breaker, NUUN, PowerBar, Huma, Honey Stinger & Skratch!

Be sure when you find a fuel you love that you pick up a fuel belt, water bottle or hydration pack to carry it in!


Here are some tips when making nutrition choices for your routine: 

  • Always follow any of your "solid nutrition" options with water; using a sports drink can cause stomach or intestinal upset
  • Be sure your length of run deems use of the nutrition 
  • Follow the directions on the packaging
  • Practice using a variety of flavors prior to race day to allow your body to get used to the energy intake and to learn what flavor works best for you


Understanding and maintaining hydration can be simple. Here are some key facts on caring for your hydration levels during your various activities:

  • Getting appropriate amounts of liquid during your run/walk can offset uncomfortable side effects of dehydration
  • Drink according to your thirst - listen to your body
  • Forcing your body to drink too much during exercise can lead to stomach or digestive track upset
  • Electrolyte and enhanced sports drinks can replenish lost minerals and sodium that you sweat out along with giving an extra boost of energy 
  • Plan ahead and have water either on your person or at various check points along your run/walk

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